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About Dynamix Ceramix


Dynamix Ceramix is a program that focuses on ceramic and pottery making, training and therapy for special needs children.


Dynamix Ceramix was established by Bob Driver and Kristoffer Lund whose passions are to work with special needs children and clay. There are endless tasks in the ceramic business that utilize creative abilities but do not require the ability to write, read and communicate well. The art of making pottery gives the special needs population an opportunity to contribute to a team and take part in the creation of beautiful and functional works of art. As a Master Potter, with over 40 years of experience, and a Special Needs Certified teacher, Bob started Dynamix Ceramix, to cater to all walks of people that can benefit from the therapeutic attributes of pottery making, especially the disadvantaged.


We meet on weekdays in the afternoon.  Children with special needs are welcome to join us along with their parents or family members as parent involvement is required (and encouraged) for children that are not able to work independently and without supervision.  There is no charge for this activity, except a small fee for materials.


Help us grow and develop a program that can offer recreational and educational services for the growing population of special needs children and young adults.  Our goal is to move into a larger location where we will be able to serve a larger segment of our very special kids.

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